Who are you?

My name is Tim. Since 2017, I have managed the website Up All Night, a hub for nostalgic content that’s been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. I occasionally produce vaporwave/dark ambient music under the same moniker. In 2014 I started the Tumblr blog OutRun 20XX, which I continue to operate. I previously managed classic video game blog Retro Game Dad.

In the real world I am married guy with two children who plays video games, watches professional wrestling, and reads comics in his spare time.

What is The Sad Dad Report?

The Sad Dad Report is a weekly essay newsletter that examines many different topics of interest. The topics covered will include things such as video games, internet history, obscure media, professional wrestling, or anything else that may be on my mind at the time.

I know there are an infinite number of places where you can get a generic white dude’s opinion on various subjects, which is why I want to do something different with this publication.

My goal for The Sad Dad Report is to go beyond simply writing a review about something, or writing an essay explaining the history of something. When I write about a topic, I want to examine the topic through a particular moment in my life. If I am writing about a game, I want to examine it through the lens of what was going on in my life when I first experienced it. If I am writing about a piece of internet history, I want to contextualize it by placing myself in the world in which that website or event existed. I want what I produce here to not only examine something that I am interested in, but I want to examine myself, as well.

If I am writing about a particular piece of media that I encountered in 1994, I am not only going to talk about its contents, but I am going to tell the story of what was going on with myself at the time. If I am exploring something that was going on in the mid 2000s, I will use old journal entries or other things that have been collected throughout my life to paint the picture of where I was, as well.

Most of the time I expect these examinations to be humorous. Other times things may get pretty personal. We’ll see how things pan out. I hope you will stick around for the journey.

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Essays on video games, professional wrestling, internet oddities, and other topics contextualized through my personal experiences.



A husband and father who is nearing middle age. A guy who struggles with staying on task and remembering to take his medication.